Kaleidoscope of Imagery

Travelling through Quebec recently by car brought back the memory of another trip many years ago. On that occasion transit was by train and winter had a firm grip on the area. Snow along the tracks was piled so deep that at some points no sight except the cut snow could be seen. Day and night passed by as I watched the land pass by through the window.
As a young artist eager for information about artists I had in my hands a book, A Painters Country, the autobiography of painter AY Jackson, 1958. Parts of his story covered the very area the train travelled through linking people and places in a strangely attractive kaleidoscope of imagery. 
I think it may be the process of direct representation of landscape that remains the strong attraction for my work. The process allows time for travel and observation in settings that are often overlooked in our day to day while creating a record or jumping off point. To imagine that so much could flow from a box of colour and some boards boggles the mind but is greatly appreciated. Oh, the places we can go.