Halifax Harbour Scetches

The harbour at Halifax can be a very busy place. Cranes and ships move about on the doorstep of the city providing an ever changing view sandwiched between the sky and the water. I count myself as lucky to spend time there making these sketches. The broad range of heavy industrial coastal elements including wind and water keep it all mixed up.


The painting below was made in response to the scene unfolding above.

The wave action was incredible. The scale of the storm animated with low thick black clouds and the sound of pounding water on rocks was overwhelming. The next day in town at Cheticamp I spoke about the scene and learned that the storm was the largest seen for years.

Opposites Attract

Entering the studio is always an eye opening experience. Today two images happened to line up and present themselves side by side. The reflective quality of the water made me look twice as the subjects were similar but the time of year was opposite. Both works are site sketches, daydreams realized in the depth of the sky reflected on the moving water of local streams. There is however a distinct difference in the two. The first, clearly created in the above zero frenzy of spring while the second was made more recently during a short break in frozen days and nights. Thirty degrees of difference.