Art Conversation

The tone of conversation has changed. Our air has become thick with bold faced lies and loud bluster.


While driving through Quebec there is a beautiful and welcoming house in the town of Levis that we make a point to stay at.  The proprietor operates a B&B in the old home with a view over the St. Lawrence River. The scene is captivating for the architecture as well as the beauty of the river below and as you can see drawing out the window is something to look forward to.  At dusk it even gets better if you can believe that as lights that turn on to illuminate the city.  The whole scene becomes something that is too fantastic to describe.

Lost Art

A sketch that was created some time ago became lost. The image came to light recently while working on another project and reminded me that a sketching trip is long overdue. Funny as it is the time of year is similar as ferns are stretching toward the sky and the trees are just budding out. The light in the sky holds a certain warmth reflected in the rocks.

I wonder where the painting went?