Art Blizzard

It is funny that all the storms of this winter have arrived on Wednesdays.
Today is no different. It is late in March and we are watching the worst storm of the season. Snow is blowing  sideways in the howling wind. In spite of it all the power has stayed on for us. It is easy to tell there will be a lot of shovelling done before tomorrow.
I wonder about the Wednesday storm cycle. From the warm comfort of the house, during and after storms,the watercolour paintings above were created.  A good storm is something I have enjoyed for years. You can also check out Winter studio and Freezing Cold for more winter weather.

Painted Pleasures

The bounty of the land around our home is awe inspiring. A seemingly endless array of sights and sounds  present themselves daily. Now, as winter recedes we enjoy lengthening daylight and rising temperatures. Spring approaches.

Although the lakes are still well frozen brooks are running full and fast. 
The sounds of rushing water add a unseen element to painting. 

More adventures in paint are shared at Extra Special and Spring

Time and Space

The lettuce leaf provided a low cost model for continued drawing over a period of days. Unfortunately I haven't found all the days of drawing but the work went on over six or seven days with one drawing per day. Each drawing was limited to about one hour. 

Similar to the structured movements of the human life model but with the time frame extended. The drawing illustrated a history of events as well as introducing a completely new way of thinking about time and space.