Pot of Gold

Some time ago I made a painting of one rainbow that landed on the lake. When this happens it seems a little more special than when rainbows are visible but pass over the lake and beyond the surrounding hills before descending. In this case I did not see the pot of gold on the water but the radiance of light alone fills you up to overflowing.

In the creation of the random residual paintings I began using any method of paint application other than brushes. Rubbings had explored cubist ideas of multiple viewpoints and in this case the two ideas merged as if by magic.  I guess  that once I stepped over into collage without thinking things just went together like a happy accident. I think the pot of gold revealed itself in the image.

Summer Breeze

Chester Harbour

The opportunity to paint outside has always been source of joy and that was just what happened last weekend.  Friends called to see if we would be interested in swimming at a beach we had never been before. Everyone I spoke with over the last few weeks had commented on the warm ocean water of August so we jumped at the chance.

Swimming and a picnic were the purpose but I did carry my paints and took time to make sketch as we sat listening to the wind and the water.  The weather forecast was for clear but with an approaching hurricane clouds would be moving in. The water reflects changes in the sky energizing the work. The beautiful air held on through the afternoon and with extra light I made a second sketch. Without thinking I turned my view to the left looking out to the Tancook Islands as the tide approached and created a diptych of sorts.

The Tancooks