Nova Scotia Beaches

aving a painting opportunity on the shores of Nova Scotia is like receiving a gift. The exploration of a site and the conditions of the day are like icing on cake. Drawing and painting on any site is something I have mentioned through my posts many times.

I mention it again because entering a new environment can open the doors to new avenues of creation.

On a recent trip to Cape Breton Island and down the road to Gabarous Harbour we found a beautiful horseshoe beach tucked behind a headland. Spending time listening to the waves moving the beach rocks while recording the day with paint made the occasion all the more memorable.

Wow , the Garden

esterday the beauty of summer came into view in our garden and I was there.

The clear sunny afternoon allowed time to take brushes, paint and a canvas and just spend a few hours following all the twists and turns of these crazy lilies. There were blooms everywhere and the air of the day was fragrant. The overall abundance of the plants filled the canvas almost before work began and the random pattern just sang to joy of the day.

As I write this note I am listening to the radio and a discussion on time travel. Can I suggest painting and drawing as a time portal? Wow, the garden and the places we can go from here.

Sketching at the Beach

A trip to the Beach is always the right choice. It doesn't seem to matter if you get in for a swim or not when you can totally immerse yourself in the day while you make a sketch.

For sure things don't always work out in a painting kind of way due to the temperature being too hot or too cool or the sand is blowing in the air or the colours in your bag are not right for the day but overall the beach is the place to be.

You just never know what will appear while you work. The part I like the best is trying to keep up. It is amazing how fast the day can change.