Night Sky

For the last few days we have been treated to a world wonder delivered to our doorstep.

During the evening hours while looking into the eastern sky over Springfield Lake we see the hunter moon rise into the sky over the horizon. In the early morning hours looking into the same eastern sky we see the planets Mars, Venus and Jupiter all close together from our viewpoint and forming a tight triangle shape. Very interesting and beautiful to see.

Halifax Nocturne Eve

The early morning sky was dark and clear, planets and stars shone brightly. When I went into the yard the planet Venus was just above the horizon shining brightly and followed closely by Mars and Jupiter. I made my way into Halifax and down to the eastern  entry of Point Pleasant Park. By then the sun was rising over Eastern Passage.

Two giant container ships were docked and unloading cargo as the day warmed with the rising sun. Flat bed trucks received the cargo from the giant cranes and moved the shipping containers from dockside to storage and awaiting railcars. So much was going on it took a while to find a view to draw but once settled the drawing began to take shape quickly.

The element of chance in site work and this morning began having its effect early on as trucks turned and new piles formed.

Something moved to the side of the car studio and I turned to see two stock trailers being backed into position just to my left. Horses were led off the ramps and I noticed that one carried a Canadian flag on the saddle. Curiosity led me out of the car.

It turns out that two horses were part of the Halifax Police Department and two were walking across Canada in support of Veterans. So far the riders have travelled British Columbia to Halifax. The team will continue on to Newfoundland before winter sets in. So, that was pretty cool. I did mention that the Nocturne Festival was on that night and that one exhibit, a ferris wheel, was set up on Citadel Hill. I also suggested that the horses would probably get a kick out of the sight as well. I wanted to see the ferris wheel myself before leaving the city and made a point of going by.

I wanted to see the ferris wheel myself before leaving the city and made a point of going. 
Guess who went there as well.

An unusual chain of events.

Garden Iris 2015

Garden Iris 2015, Detail