Make Art

Reinforces the link between the head, the heart and the hand.

The black and white lithograph image is based on the original by P. Bruegel the Elder.

Approaching Spring

It is late in February and the winter weather we have experienced for the last few months is beginning to loosen its grip. 

Each year as spring unfolds I have gone into the woods behind the house and searched out a familiar patch of forest floor that is home to ferns and maple trees. Part of the beauty of this place is its closeness to home. The closeness to home makes return trips easy leaving more time to paint.

The changing forms revealed by returning sunlight and the melting snow create a quickening effect. Random patterns created by plants and litter on the forest floor create immediate subject matter for painting. Preparation of canvas has begun as buds begin to swell.

Sketch This

Thinking about aerial perspective and trying to find elevated viewpoints to draw from is usually a problem but on a recent trip I found myself on the ninth floor with time to spare.

The winter sky held ice crystals at times and cleared at others. Construction cranes seem to always be in motion as the city pushes the upper limits of its form. Steel and cement support perpendicular glass covered grids. No people are seen. Birds are scarce.