Gardening with Paint and Canvas

A beautiful afternoon spent working in the garden. Blooms are everywhere in the heat of summer and so it is a pleasure to draw and paint in this space. Maybe it is the colour or maybe the endless curves
that draw me in but in the heat of summer there is no better place to be.

Working over an old image from a previous day made the work go quickly.

I've Been in the Garden

Each spring as the weather warms painting moves outside. Our garden provides many opportunities to draw from life and surprisingly changes so quickly it is often hard to keep up.

Recently as the blue flag Iris began to appear I moved canvas to the garden and began drawing the annual spectacle. 

Blue flags gave way to another favourite which are the small yellow lilies that seemingly shout "summer is here".  I moved in the garden not wanting to miss all the action. Young birds test their skills moving up and down and across providing a unseen background to my work.

A young robin hops through a bed of garlic hoping for a juicy worm while peonies bloom thanks to the ants. 

Spring Arrival

Given longer days and a bit of heat in the air acrylic paint is fine to work outside again. Bits of snow and ice are still around but the summer birds are arriving in our area and brooks are running free. The bag loaded with paint and a canvas by the door made for a quick exit. So down by the brook with sun and not much of a breeze I found myself deep in the work and realized that there was an added bonus in that there were no bugs. That will be a short lived bonus but I will enjoy it in the mean time.