Random Residuals

D rawing and painting led to Random Residuals. Each form began separately from each other before combining in practice. The activity of drawing with tools not designed for studio work seemed foreign and desperate but when traditional rendering forms collide with process and the idea of chance inserts itself into the work everything changes.

Twisted Garden

T he Derivative Speculations project moves in ways that are unexpected and always a catalyst for traditional artmaking. There is something about the interaction of lines and tone juiced up and mixed inside a computer that has bridged the gap between the old and the new. 

How Much Art

A sketchbook allows quick notes while on the move. Notes about spaces and relationships between built and natural environments.


Well, now the sun is providing a little warmth and the days are becoming longer. Stretchers are covered with canvas and primed with gesso. It seems as if things are moving towards spring at the same time as we jump into summer. Ready Set Go.

Halifax Harbour

Drawing along the harbour shore allows views of many marine activities. Ships of all shapes and sizes appear and then disappear just as quickly. They provide very apt metaphors for many things. The fact that steel floats is crazy. The size of ocean going ships is amazing. Shapes in space attract the artist over and over.

Seen Unseen

Ihave been drawing and painting on the harbour for some time now and the variety of ships of all kinds and sizes never stops interesting me. One such ship was a little different in that it moved onthe surface but also had the ability and was designed to move under the water. Watching the submarine move out of the harbour and into the open ocean allowed a series of work to grow in the studio. The work has included collage and silhouette and took my work on the Sweet Dreams project as a jumping off point.