Nova Scotia Cove

When we discovered the cove it was as if everything made sense. We had camped on a point of land not too far away when in the middle of the night the wind piked up and blew in a storm. Wind and rain pelted our tent until the pegs let go from the saturated ground and forced us to take the tent down.

 It is hard to imagine that ideas would come together, merging in front of our eyes into a common entity and then as quick as a wink be gone. But there it was. What it was, I'm not sure. I did feel as if a painted response was in order and set to work.

Black Whole

Black Whole

Halifax Light


A palette of one colour creates economy and creativity.

"I've never considered you in this light"

While enjoying a beautiful spring day in Nova Scotia a whole crowd of narcissus gathered in the yard to help with the party atmosphere.

It is worth setting aside all the other things that need attention to spend a few minutes taking it all in. I started to work knowing the sight would not last long.

Dance for Spring

Painting ferns unfurl from the ground in spring is like playing in a really slow movie.

One scene would mention the warming air of spring and the power it holds over new life. The sounds of the returning songbirds songs would fill the air.