Beach Day in Nova Scotia

What could be better than birds returning from their winter homes singing songs after the long winter or watching new growth in the forest? 
 At the risk of being identified as Canadian I apologize for commenting about a hot sandy beach with sand and water all around when we are only seeing the signs of early spring.
The thought of a trip to the beach complete with a picnic dinner and sand all around is almost too much to consider but then I think about the winter surfers braving the cold Atlantic water and realize there is no time like the present. 
 For me it is time to get a bag of paint and boards together with that picnic dinner.

The Distance Between Two Ferns

The shortest distance between two ferns is measured along a straight line.
 As an artist and given the luxury of time the straight line may be bent or changed in some way allowing the journey to become interesting in unexpected ways. 
Spring brings the ferns up from the ground providing an opportunity to work with the not so still life of the forest floor. So in this case twenty years and a few feet  is the distance between two ferns. 

Spring has Sprung

The deep snow of our late winter season has melted. 
Blocked paths and ice covered lakes are open again.
has sprung and new canvas is ready. 
There is a lighter feel to the step as I walked into 
the woods to check on the seasons new growth.


Years ago on a late summer evening we camped near Cheticamp, Cape Breton Island. One evening as we walked in the evening air the moon made an appearance.
 We saw it rising in the night sky then hover over the land between the mountains. 
The powerful glow washed over the land striking my body and stirring my imagination.