Garden Painting

The garden that surrounds our home has offered many opportunities to work with colours and shapes that change daily. Sometimes the changes come moment by moment.

On occasion, while working in the garden a butterfly or bee may enter the picture plane. They will be recorded as part of the overall experience.

Spring is such an exciting time of year watching the plants in the garden. The weather in Nova Scotia takes a dramatic change for the better. Gone are the cool and overcast days as the sky opens and sunlight pours in. Temperatures rise and the days are the longest we can expect. The seemingly slow rising and unfurling of ferns has turned almost overnight into a bloom bursting frenzy. There is a riot of energy in the garden as spring turns into summer.

Of course I will grab some canvas and head out to record the spectacle. My only problem is keeping up to the changes.


Returning home last evening the lake provided a beautiful reminder of our location by Springfield Lake. The colours of the sunset reflected perfectly of the still waters surface. The reflection echos in my mind and a journey through time begins.