Bridgewater Team

We travelled to Bridgewater Nova Scotia as part of a longer excursion along the southern coast of the province. 
The day was hot and sunny, perfect to enjoy the sights and sounds of the South Shore Exhibition.

As we walked by the barns a team of big black percheron draft horses freshly washed and brushed danced as they were led through the yard. I was so impressed by their youthful steps, power and size I immediately decided to use them as models for a painting.

They seemed ancient and modern all at once. 

Halifax Summer Solstice

There is a riot of energy in the garden at this time of year as spring turns into summer.

The weather in Nova Scotia has taken a dramatic change for the better. Gone are the cool and overcast days of the last few weeks as the sky has opened and the sun pours in. The seemingly slow rising and unfurling of ferns has turned almost overnight into a bloom bursting frenzy.

Temperatures have risen and the days are the longest we can expect.  Of course I grabbed some canvas and headed out to record the spectacle.

The only problem is keeping up to the changes.

Motion Pictures

The flowers of our garden have been a part of my painting practice for as long as I can remember. There is some quality about the shape of petals and leaves that attract me. Maybe it is contrast. Maybe it is form. Maybe it is the silence. The attraction continues through the seasons and sometimes the work extends over time and multiple panels "just like in the movies."


It is such an exciting time of year watching the plants in the garden. 

The Price of Beauty

What is the price of beauty? Dollars and cents are easy but what are the costs in terms of health? It is worth taking time for a moment to consider the materials we use in art making.  Some hazards are obvious but strange and beautiful effects achieved by mixing materials of varied backgrounds may have a high price tag.

The list of material hazards is extensive when dealing with paints and solvents. Things you touch or breathe. Things that present a fire or explosive hazard. In Canada graphic symbols are assigned and printed on packaging to warn and direct you in your work. Health Canada provides information on specific chemicals and can also be used along with the book, The Artists Handbook of Materials and Techniques by Ralph Meyer. It is also worth considering materials that are new to the market and not tested for stability.