Halifax Summer Ends

Time flies around here as it must just about everywhere these days. It seems like it was only a few days ago that work on this years series of garden paintings began. 

To get started outside again after winter I walked to work at a favourite pool along Lacey Brook. I know that it isn't our garden but it is a familiar site I have returned to many times over the years. Being so close to home makes it seem as if it is an extension garden.

One attraction of the site is the range of colour and texture existing in such a small space. On this day light poured from the sky reflecting in the pool, buds moved towards the sun. Fish jumped for the first few bugs flying over. I worked as quickly as possible.

Once back in our garden I begin to follow sprouts out of the soil. The rhythms of their growth  trace the warming days which became longer as spring turned into summer. 

Recording the tangle of late season blooms I enjoyed the the late summer sun of the afternoon. My daughter brought over a large yellow caterpillar she had found so I included it as well. As the day progressed the wind came up to a good blow. The wind brought an unexpected change in temperature that felt very different from anything we had experienced for a while. Cooling air made me realize that the day also marked the end of summer. The work became even more meaningful with the extra information.

Art and Music

 Given the opportunity to listen to musicians play a live concert on the weekend I was reminded of the power and pleasure of sound and live performance.

Unlike radios and computers that deliver music to us a live concert combines aural and visual information in a one two punch.

One live show we had the pleasure of attending was conducted by a friend.
At breakfast one morning Dave picked up his mandolin and treated us to a show.

Working quickly across the kitchen table as he told stories using voice and strings I recorded the moment using paint and brushes. 

Draw Me a Picture

Perspective is variable.

The more I read the less it seems I know. 
One thing for sure it seems is that people have not changed much in a few thousand years. 

Ideas are just ideas.

Give ideas form, draw me a picture.