Halifax Terminal

Along the Halifax Waterfront is an array of monumental architecture and equipment just right for painting and drawing. The contrast between the constructed environment and natural environment provides interest in terms of form and colour.
As a transfer point in a global journey grains arrive and depart by rail, road and ship.
The  massive grain elevators stand quietly in contrast to the rattle of the steel legged transfer conveyors moving cargo to and from ships tied to the wharf.
It is interesting that the giant forms can hold the farmers imaginations and work on the inside while at the same time holding the artists imaginations and work on the outside.

Water Colour Play

 One available subject for me, to explore as a painter, is an island resting within Springfield Lake.
 Weather conditions in the area encourage continuous play with the fluid quality of the medium. My response to the view using watercolour relies on the quick fluid quality of the medium.

Winter Weather

Winter took a twist this year.

The snow covered ground and blue skies of past winters have given way to rain drizzle and fog. Outdoor painting in these conditions is almost impossible. 

Never too Early

One good thing about winter is that it allows time to consider new painting projects. Time for planning and constructing new stretchers and studio time to complete unresolved work. Of course thoughts also turn to sprouts and seedlings that will be next summers garden. Time accelerates with anticipation for the year ahead.

Frozen in Time

So much activity in a frozen landscape just waiting for me to come along with a  pencil and board. The random patterns created by last summers plants provide perfect subject matter for drawing silhouettes on snow.

California Stars

A freezing day on the harbour with sea smoke in the air and what appears tied to the wharf but a giant container ship taking on cargo and boasting the name California. While I work  my thoughts turn to a warmer climate, sandy beaches and movie stars, a far cry from the minus twenty the thermometer shows. Drawing is like that providing time between the lines.

Found Colour

On a recent trip to the shore thoughts of the line that describes its form entered the conversation. The word coastline has an immediate reference to the act of drawing through itself but I wondered what form the drawing would take. Colour could be found.