Fast Cars

Art seems to be a map of the past and possibly a glimpse into the future.
Recently my father uncovered some of my old school work books. Stored in his basement and long forgotten, the books provided very interesting images.  One, showed my illustration of Dad driving his brand new blue car. It was a Ford I think and I also remember the difficulty of the day trying to recall the relationship of the front  and drivers side window.

I would contrast the early drawing of the car with a painting made years later while a student as well. This painting is rendered full size and measures over 18 feet long by 6 feet high. The feeling of creating a realistic image of the object was about the same as near as I can recall.

Sense of Place

I have been reading A Fair Country,Telling Truths about Canada, by John Ralston Saul. The text points to ideas of relationships between people and places. A very interesting read. I think his ideas make painting all the more relevant. Who said "painting is dead".

Place is always a catalyst for my site paintings. There is always a relationship of personal attachment to these landscapes.

As audience or participants, people are always present in my work even if their form is not obviously visible in the image.

Wild Thought

It's the middle of summer and thunder storms are moving through our area.
The oil lamp will be tested once again. 
As the air clears our thoughts turn to days spent camping and hiking.
 Campfires and cookstoves, wild flowers and waves on the shore. 
Smelling wildflowers and picking berries.
Painting the days is always part of the experience. 
Each work records a time and a place.