Summer Heat

Summer is upon us now that it is mid July. Hot, humid air makes sitting beside a river deep in the woods a very enjoyable experience. The cool shade offered by the forest shelters iris blooms from the searing rays of sunlight. It is beautiful place to be on a day like this. Once you sit for a while the animals find you and call out your presence to all that will hear.  As always at this point enjoy your time. Take some paint or pencils and give yourself some time to make a record of your experience.

Weather Report

Our power and communication lines have been restored after the storm and things are getting a little more to the normal side. It is thanks to friends and neighbours that our impromptu camping adventure was made so much easier.

There wasn't much time for drawing or painting while we repaired the damage to our home but I did recall another storm that I did have time to draw. It happened one summer while camping in northern New Brunswick.

We were sitting by the campfire as the sky darkened. Lightning flashed and thunder rolled off in distant southern sky when I decided to make a painting quickly. 
The idea was to render an emotional response to the energy that swirled around. I had made the lantern painting later in the evening after dark but before the storm found us in the middle of the night.