Grey Day Sketching

Sketching on a gray day is something to look forward to. The sky is active with clouds moving on accelerated winds while the water reflects the ominous tones.

Feels like Spring

Our air is warming and song birds are returning to the area. Working in the studio through the winter months has allowed ideas to continue developing but now I would just like to get out and work on site again. To hear site specific sounds and feel the air move while I work to deliver my immediate response to these conditions is energizing to the artist and reflected in the work through line and colour.

Painting Fog

Now that the calendar has turned to April and the winter snow have given way to rain, fog has covered the land and water. Working with paint on site has its problems but when the air is so full of moisture the act becomes almost but not totally impossible.

Planning for days and sites is underway and hopefully the weather will cooperate with warmer air in the not too distant future.