Imagining Space

Pumpkins serve as life models and subjects for abstraction.

Space becomes visible through paint.

Monsters and ghosts dominate the night sky of our fears. 

New Boots

We have been under clouds with everything from drizzle to downpours for the last few days. Along the sidewalk leading to the library the days worth of rain had gathered in small puddles.

Now, some people would try to avoid those puddles but if you are about six years old and have a rain coat and new rubber boots to try out what could be more opportune. Precision stepping ensured each foot landed squarely in the center of each puddle providing maximum splash. I seemed to remember something of this from the past and I took a wild guess that a new boot test was underway. As the mother approached I commented about my guess just as the child turned and gave a full report about the fine quality of the new boots. She laughed and we moved into the library while the child held the door.

Powerful Stuff

The drawing of blooming morning glories had just been completed when I was listening to a radio broadcast on the CBC in Canada. The interviewer was speaking with an author about various things in her life when she quoted the author as saying something about "becoming open to the possibilities of art". The words were well chosen and sharpened as only a writer can. The idea contained in the statement "possibilities of art" idea is still resonating in my body.

That "art" is powerful stuff is not a new idea but maybe one that needs more attention all around. Attention to the possibility of new methods of  expression, movement and change.

Artists Paints

 I wanted to mention that the paint I have been using for the last number of years is manufactured in Canada by D.L. Stevenson & Son. There are many paints on the market and on some occasions I have had to try some others but always come back to the Stevensons product.
I was introduced to the Stevensons products first as oil paints. My father was enrolled in a painting class and took me along, at the instructors recommendation we travelled to Mr Stevensons home in Agincourt Ontario, which just happened to be our town, to make our purchase. As word travelled and business grew Stevensons moved out of the house and into a huge commercial space.

Years later, I switched to acrylic paints for a number of reasons and again Stevensons became the paint of choice. The thick rich colours don't seem to fade and remain flexible but durable over time. They are easy to use and mix well for use on canvas or board. Anyway, if you want more info you can check them out for yourself online or on your next project. I think you will be happy.

Nova Scotia Seasons

A short distance from home a favourite painting site at Lacey Brook remains.
It is just far enough off the beaten track that urban noise is limited and for the most part birds and squirrels make up the resident population. Lacey Brook is a place I have mentioned before and returned to late this summer. The beaver mentioned in Contrast remains elusive in daylight but I can see that work on the dam continues.
In the north east an extreme colour display takes place annually in fall and this year is no exception. In front of our eyes over last few days the change of season is dramatic to say the least. I made time to visit and paint again. The warmth of the air and sunshine make it a very easy day to play with colour and explore natural forms.

Drawing One Oh One

Somehow it always feels good to make a drawing. Having a pencil or some other mark maker on hand and ready is a first step but then the question becomes what to draw on.Recently some old fully loaded polaroid cameras found their way into our house and of course the trigger was pulled. The camera and film had sat in storage for at least ten years so who knew what the result would be. At first the exposed film looked like a colourful smear so I made a drawing over the top. This technique is as old as the film itself probably dating back to the 1960's at least but I had never tried my hand at it until now. The drawn glass was immediately visible but  the image taken of myself only revealed itself over the next hour or two. It is a reversal of sorts as the drawing was fast and the fast medium was slow.

Blaze of Glory

Morning glory plants have amazed me for years. Some years you get none and some years it's ok. I can't tell the difference but the evidence is in the plants.
 When things are right and the plants grow to maturity days become short before the blooms start. Questions arise about the frost that will surely come before long ending the season for all the tender plants alike. Over the weekend the blooms and sun came out allowing time for sketching. Raw canvas stretched over a frame serves as a surface to accept my pencil line that records the beautiful swirling shapes provided by the plants. Corrections to the original are made with a dry brush application of colour.