Artists Paints

 I wanted to mention that the paint I have been using for the last number of years is manufactured in Canada by D.L. Stevenson & Son. There are many paints on the market and on some occasions I have had to try some others but always come back to the Stevensons product.
I was introduced to the Stevensons products first as oil paints. My father was enrolled in a painting class and took me along, at the instructors recommendation we travelled to Mr Stevensons home in Agincourt Ontario, which just happened to be our town, to make our purchase. As word travelled and business grew Stevensons moved out of the house and into a huge commercial space.

Years later, I switched to acrylic paints for a number of reasons and again Stevensons became the paint of choice. The thick rich colours don't seem to fade and remain flexible but durable over time. They are easy to use and mix well for use on canvas or board. Anyway, if you want more info you can check them out for yourself online or on your next project. I think you will be happy.