A large sheet of paper, a brush and more colours than I could imagine was like opening Pandoras Box in my mind creating a condition that has kept me engaged to this day.
The fear of a blank canvas didn't enter my mind, only the idea that a story could be told in this space.

Summer Garden

Summer has arrived and it seems like there are few escapes from the humid air surrounding us.  Shade trees around our garden offer a brief respite from the heat and an opportunity to draw and paint till our hearts are content. Crazy lily blooms stand twisted in concert with the the sun and sky providing easily accessible perfect subjects. I couldn’t resist.

Spring Garden

Painting flower blossoms of a young magnolia tree in our garden was a delightful task. The dappled light passing through the surrounding woods created a dream like environment that added to the joy of the afternoon. Each bloom displays in a different form while at the same time being similar to each other and present themselves as sky dancers. They seem oblivious to the branches that hold them to the ground revelling in the day.

Painting Spring

During our early and fast spring  capturing the disarray of forest floor has been a yearly challenge. The disarray of broken branches and dried leaves the new growth of ferns unfurling towards the sun provides me with a still life arrangement that is strangely still but moving at the same time.