Unanswered Questions

Take me to the beach where the earth and water meet the sky and my mind is free to wander.
 I could swim like a fish and fly like a bird.
 I could feel the warmth of the sun and smell the air.
At the beach my mind can wander.

Amythest Cove Dreaming

As an artist who paints, changing things up keeps it interesting for me. Once in a while it has been important and necessary for me to move outside my comfort zone. So for what ever the reason years ago I made the painting above while considering the relationship between Canada and our neighbour The United States of America to the south of the 49th parallel.

Somehow in light of the current goings on the painting has just as much relevance today as it did then. But cleaning out files and finding a photo of myself painting at Amythest Cove allows a hopeful moment looking forward to the next chance to get outdoors on site and paint. I can hardly wait.

Fundy Shore

Art Memory

T wo winters ago in mid January after visiting friends near Middle Musquodoboit I was driving home on the old road. In the early afternoon sun I could see something moving towards me on the horizon. Having time on my side I pulled the car over and slowed to a stop to watch the approach.  

What resolved from the distance was a team of horses and their driver walking in my direction on the shoulder of the road. When I wound down the car window the frozen sky filled the cabin and the sound of bells on their harness punctuated their approach. They paused as they passed for a quick hello and then were on their way, the team was anxious to get to work but in those few moments memories were stirred, somehow things felt right. I returned to the studio and began work.

Art Inspiration

Inspiration for artwork can come from many directions on any given day. 
 A garden, indoors or out offers many opportunities to create around ideas real and imagined. Paint, pens, pencils or crayons all work as conduits for creative work.
More often that not eliminating noise and focusing on a chosen subject is the beginning of a creative journey. 
The journey may not be without challenges and can at times feel like a fresh chapter for Homers Odyssey but the garden seems like a good place to begin.

Harvest Transit

Drawing on the harbour continues as weather and time allows.

Yesterday when I arrived along the harbour I noticed a large bulk carrier docked.  Something attracted my eye in terms of a drawing and luckily a suitable view was open. I  began planning under a low grey November sky. As I sat working things sprang to life and I noticed lights tracing a path all the way from the ship and up the elevator across the road and into the massive concrete storage silos. Moving backwards in my mind I traced the path of the cargo before it arrived in Halifax.  I wondered if what I was seeing was the most recent summer harvest of 2016 arriving unceremoniously after a cross country trip. Very interesting to draw and very interesting to imagine the journey. 

The Artist and the Surgeon

Daylight saving time is in effect. Days are shorter and preparations for winter are underway. A giant moon has provided evening entertainment for the last few days.

A artist friend has suggested making more art, painting more, as a good way to continue along while I wait to visit with a surgeon. Nothing too serious but needs tending and in the meantime go easy. The artist who made the suggestion is also in the same waiting boat but has a way of focusing that I am at wits end trying to master. The advice of both artist and surgeon to paint more and go slow are making an interesting dynamic experience.

Painting Lily Pond

With the sun out and high in the sky it is hard to imagine that we are well into November.

Working outside this morning brought back memories of time spent painting beside what I came to call "The Lily Pond". The easily accessible spot tucked into nearby woods provides a beautiful view into the pond and the surrounding woods. 
Lacey Brook feeds and drains the pond.
I am hoping that when this years hunting season ends in three or four weeks there will still be enough heat in the air for another painting trip before the freeze.

Art Opportunity

Getting back to work along the harbour brings to light old art battlegrounds.
Working images on the computer is fine but it just doesn't compare to being there.
Inside there are no breezes or bird songs echoing in the canvas. 
There is no salt air or fog horns.  
Both ways of working are different and each has some benefits but I think I still prefer the site work.

Making the Painting

Looking through the studio brings paintings to light that were set aside on the day and not brought to completion. One work based on my favourite day lilies bubbled up the other day and so I brought it into the derivative speculation project. Paint will come later but for now I have taken a walk in the garden and revisited the day when all the blooms burst in a wild tangent to the sun. It wasn't that long ago.