Artist for the Day Success

Over the weekend the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design held its annual Artist for the Day event. This event offers the public a glimpse into the workings behind the walls and is held in conjunction with Open City. On this day the college filled studios, located at the new port campus, with activities from A to Z and opened them to the public.

I think I told at least one person that going inside would be like opening Pandoras Box and that once you step inside the building you may not want to leave. They entered the building happily. The activities, too numerous to list here, included printmaking, leatherwork and computers. Studios also offered drawing and sculpture with a good mix of pottery, textiles and photography. Artists worked freely between all and the event was a huge success from what I could see. 

For my part, along with a group of hearty volunteers, the sidewalk outside the building was our studio. We offered passersby a chance to make a drawing with paper and crayons right there on the sidewalk. Even though the weather was not perfect it did not slow the peoples enthusiasm down.

Artists of all ages emerged and found a moment to take time for themselves creating right then and there. Others took the offer of an open door and warm building to explore the college. Hours later emerging back onto the sidewalk thankful for the opportunity. Some left to find food for lunch and then returned. They couldn't get enough.

So many staff and volunteers combined to make the day a great success. People of all stripes mixed and mingled right there on the sidewalk. Old friends reunited and new relationships began. I watched all this happen over simple crayons and paper and can't thank them enough for the chance to participate.