Halifax Spring Painting

 Once spring gets started things move along very quickly. It is as welcome as a breath of fresh air, truly amazing.

Yesterday, just a short way outside the city and on a bus route you can find the beauty of spring just beside the road. Given the combination of warm somewhat dry air I took the chance to head for the shore with a canvas and some paint. The first trip out for the season is always a bit of a test. Did everything made it into the bag?  As I sat on the shore watching the tide roll in the clouds began to open and give a glimpse of blue sky. One thing for sure the next time I will have to move faster with my brush and colours. The tide does not allow the same time as the slow moving ferns that began popping up out of the ground last week in our yard.

This is always a very exciting time allowing me the opportunity to work on site even with the few bugs that seem to arrive for the occasion.