Halifax Harbour Sketching

When I first began making sketches in downtown Halifax it was the Historic Citadel  that provided the view. A solitary construction crane rose into the sky at the site of what would become a new hotel. Little did I know how fast things could change.

The shapes created by the crane and surrounding buildings that cut and divided the sky provided a focal point. Before long I moved closer to the harbour where contrasts became palpable through sounds and scents that filled the air.

Looking for other  accessible points around the harbour that could work in the same way I found sites on both sides of the harbour and up into the Bedford Basin.

So much has changed in such a short period of time as the city struggles to grow and expand. Cranes cut the sky at every turn and even the bridge shown in the sketch below is under renovation.

Who would have thought a sketching playground could be found so close to home with as many changes coming to the art as to the views themselves.