Miles and Miles

Recently on a drive along the shore of the Aspotogan Peninsula we stopped by a few large spruce trees. The trees provided cover from the breeze while we sat in the car on the sandy road shoulder. The car windows were open to the spring air. 

A local fisherman worked at retrieving his beached lobster traps that had been pushed to the high water line of the beach by a recent winter storm. We exchanged greetings and hopes for better weather ahead.
Once again our car was providing a near perfect studio. I say near perfect because of course you are limited in location and working space but while we ate lunch I was able to begin work on a sketch of the view over Bayswater Beach in front of us. The work put me in mind of a day only a few months ago as fall had approached that we were able to spend the afternoon at Scots Bay on the Bay of Fundy. In that case I set up on the beach at low tide and enjoyed the blazing late afternoon sun that dried the beach under a cloudless sky. 

As a crow flies the two sites are probably under one hundred miles apart on opposite shores. Each beach is very different from the other. I look forward to time spent along the shore over the next few months as weather improves and time allows. If the weather holds till tomorrow we will head off early to Blue Beach near Falmouth on the Avon River.