Folded Paper

I can't remember the first time that I put a crayon to paper but certainly it was quite a while ago. There was a game that my grandmother played with me when I was very young. 

She began the game by folding a piece of paper like an accordion with fairly wide pleats. 

Then she began telling a story while drawing on the first section. I could not see what she drew. She would draw lines leaving the ends of the lines just over the fold to the next section. The page and crayon would then be passed to me. My job was to connect her line line ends, continue the story and extend the lines to the next section leaving her just a short line over the fold. We continued the story and the drawing to the bottom of the sheet before unfolding all the pleats and revealing the full drawing. 

The result almost never made sense as a straight line narrative but we sure did have fun along the way. Each section had a life of its own, somehow strangely connected by the words that had been spoken.

Years later as a student folded paper played another role. We were instructed to fold a large sheet of paper any way we wanted then to use a lamp to provide raking light over the surface revealing all the folds and texture of the surface. On a second sheet of paper line and tone were used in an attempt to render an image of the folded paper object.