Art Time

The studio rebuild goes on and a light has appeared at the end of the tunnel.  Some work is possible It seems that a juggling act is always in play allowing some new work to be created. Soon new stretchers will be built for use in the studio.
In piles of paintings moving from place to place I found a series of paintings that have continued over years. The idea was to create paintings from year to year at the same spot. I began work under the title "Ground Cover". The idea stuck and each year I would go in the early spring just as the ferns began to rise out of the ground. It was about this time that I became aware of the speed that plants grow and move. It was about the same time, way back, that I also felt a need to move and extend my art practice beyond the local and into the provincial. Small boards were prepared and carried to sites as we walked and explored the province.
One of the paintings that came from this idea was painted on the bluff overlooking the former site of Eatonville. The town disappeared long ago but still had foundations and a wharf as a testament to the people who called the site home. Eatonville was abandoned sometime after the 1917 influenza pandemic that devastated isolated coastal towns and villages. 
The painting practice seems to have influenced exploration of art and the world around. What time is it mister wolf?  Art Time.