A small sketch of cut flowers was found in a corner of the studio and I was amazed at the the energy and optimism captured in it. I am sure I can put it to use in the coming months. 
Winter does tend to wear us down and the recent rains and high winds that tore open our cold frame and blew everything around have made repairs necessary before the growing season. My list of spring activities is growing with repairs and maintenance standing front and centre.
Even though we haven't had much snow the cold temperatures make the car studio the option of choice for site work which continues along Halifax Harbour.
 last evening was spent with a friend looking at canoe routes around Atlantic coastal islands. That is big time February dreaming around here but in anticipation of warmer days ahead I better get thinking about a bag of paint and some new canvas for painting and drawing along the way.
Before we get too far down that road it will be winter for a while yet. It could snow a few more times and allow another day of skiing in the woods with temperatures just above zero for painting on the way. There is nothing quite like painting on site.