Small World Gets Smaller

Walking down a path that includes making art is a heart pounding no holds barred experience that can shift as quick as the wind or the tide. 
It is impossible to predict what might come around any corner or over the next hill at any moment. I was taught a long time ago the most important thing on any given day is to continue along the path. Today is a case in point as already this morning my world has shifted three times each time making things more interesting for sure.
Let me back up a bit to earlier today before the sun made an appearance. Our day begins early on Saturday and I had begun listening to a favourite musical recording as a background to my activities. The songs began to remind me about my hometown, Toronto, and as I listened my mind drifted back to the downtown area we recently frequented while visiting the city. A bittersweet experience that warmed the soul on a cold winter morning.
Listening to the recording I noticed one particular voice rising up projecting a quality of quiet optimism. The morning continued and the record changed with no real planning on my part so imagine my surprise when the same voice is on the second recording as well. I had never put two and two together before today even though each recording had been played many times for years. Things had shifted again I went on with the morning
until now. As I sat down to write about songs and artists in a small world the phone rang. While the phone ringing is not surprising the message the caller brought was completely surprising and right out of left field. Such good news about my painting I will only believe it when it happens. 
A meeting has been scheduled for later this week and once again I see that while the world is a very small and beautiful place the sky really is the limit. Hold on tight.