Considering Landscape Painting in Canada

Wow, the idea of landscape painting as something to consider baffles the mind. No matter what the weather or time of year some would say don't waste your time thinking about it let alone painting from or about it. But, hold on a minute there is new information.
Recently The film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Humanity's Lost Masterpiece by Werner Herzog, 2010 was given to me as a gift. I watched with great interest as the filmmaker explored the recently discovered Chauvet Cave in what is now France. He notes the cave holds paintings far older than any others in the world changing our understanding of people in time.
Before seeing this film, images from a time about twenty five thousand years ago seemed to illustrate people and animals. Although images were painted on rock there seemed to be no mention in the drawing of the environment. Hold on to your hat because at one point in the film, as the camera pans to the side past stunning images of lions and hippos and bears, out of the shadows I noticed a tree.
So, thanks to the film for recording a roots moment on the subject. I understand that one tree does not make a landscape but it is interesting that a landscape element was important enough in the scheme of things to be included in the artists record. 
In Canada with its rich history of landscape driven imagery this new information makes the consideration of landscape painting all the easier. Now I know it was there all the time.