Nova Scotia Winter

Looking out the window onto a frozen lake with freshly fallen snow piled and drifted over the land. It is the driveway and walkways that are my concern today. So in beginning to think about clearing the path, I refer to other artists to provide some insight. 
One has suggested a flame thrower as a melting technology for clearing driveways which would work but we don't own a flame thrower. Marcel Duchamp displayed a snow shovel, In Advance of a Broken Arm, 1915, so we know what he thought about shovelling snow. Unfortunately, that won't move much snow. 
I could just sit and dream of the work of Canadian painters from Cornelius Krieghoff to Group of Seven artists who have painted romantic visions of a snow covered land. I myself have painted a number of winter landscapes and would gladly start another one now but I think moving the pile before it freezes solid is a better idea. Shovel now, paint later.