Information Overload

Recently, deep down in the closet a silhouette of myself revealed itself. The silhouette was created as part of a project in elementary school sometime about the time I was about five or six years old. The teacher projected our profile onto a sheet of paper using a lamp. 

Sitting between the light source and the paper was my job. It was most important to hold as still as possible while she traced my shadow outline on the sheet of paper. 

Many years later I was amazed by the simplicity and also the complexity of the information collected. A simple outline contour drawing had created a unique portrait. In my mind questions arose about recording and transmitting information.  
I wondered how much or how little information is preserved and conveyed when the outline is the only piece of information recorded. Of course the first piece of information collected is the start point. Once you move away from the point you already have two pieces of information. 
As the line continues around the object shape and space are described. 
A relationship between inside and outside is exposed.  
When colour or tone is added the object  information expands again
allowing a relationship that describes foreground and background. Information is piling up.