It turns out that among other things I am a conceptualist. I say that after reading that some artists who identify as conceptualists made lists. The idea of lists being art took a while to settle with me. The lists I made were always in my mind. I had no way of knowing that I was operating on the very edge of contemporary art practice. At the time there was a joke circulating in public that talked about a conceptualist painter presenting a white canvas to an audience. It was said to be a painting of a white cow in a snowstorm. Artists had surely pushed the form to the limit.

I was somewhat aware of the long history of artists working on site creating work in series but for some reason my training to that point suggested a opposite very slow and considered studio process involving sketching and preliminary drawings, underpainting, colouring and varnishing before framing.
It was one thing to make a pencil sketch in a very short period but the process did not translate to paint as easily for me even though I had made on site work almost since I began my art practice. Something didn't fit but while working to accelerate my painting process, paintings and drawings came to be seen as my lists. Lists of ideas that give form. 
The garden around our house once again allowed daily access to subjects providing a chance for free exploration of ideas around form and information. A list of soft  summer air.