The Colour Blue

It is interesting that as similar as we are everyone sees things differently. Even something like colour is experienced differently by each individual. Does the variability of experience create the attraction?

on a recent camping trip beginning on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia at a place called Country Harbour I had the opportunity to experience blue in previously unimagined ways. Country Harbour is about two hours by car east of the city of Dartmouth. It is located on a inlet far inland from the ocean and made a beautiful spot to draw as the sun rose through the early morning mist while the tide moved out.

As the sun rose in the sky and light levels increased the blue sky grew in intensity. A warm blue violet tone filled the sky and reflected off the water as birds stirred to flight. A kingfisher passes by and then a streak in the sky and a splash near the island reveals an osprey catching a fish breakfast. Not long after all that excitement a family of fourteen mergansers paddled by. The blue sky is glowing.