Faster Art

he whirlwind that surrounds my painting is sometimes hard to control. It feels like I better just hold on with two hands and enjoy the ride.

Recently I had the chance to paint along the shore at Shad Bay. The the wind was up and the sky was filled with low dark clouds threatening rain at any moment. It was the clouds that attracted me swirling and boiling in the sky reflecting off the water creating a very dark point to begin. As the day went on small gaps began to open in the clouds and within a very short time sunlight washed across the oceans surface. The painting changed with the conditions. So fast. So two paintings were created on top of one another all within a very short period. One dark and one light.

Then as I packed up to leave, Carl the small dog who had sat by my side as I worked detected a deer and sprang to the chase.  You just never know what will turn up.