Drawing Spring

Our long awaited spring seems just out of reach as storms move into the area and temperatures drop once again below freezing again. To go with all the cold air around the company cold has found me. The saying "one step forward and two steps back" has a renewed significance.

To think that only a week ago the air was warm and I was able to act on the idea of making work outside again.

Last evening we watched a full moon rise over Springfield Lake. My son tells me that the full moon of March is known as the worm moon. No worms around here but the worm moon also marks the start of the maple sap run which has happened over the last few weeks. Slowly but surely we must be moving in the right direction.

So, back to the studio now to catch up with ideas set aside waiting for and now post surgery. The planned surgery went fine as far as I can tell and my energy levels are slowly returning maybe just like the coming spring.