Yesterday afternoon as the sun heated the yard around the house I took a cup of tea outside and sat looking into the woods behind. It sure was good to feel the warmth from the sun. Around me sounds filled the air. Spring was finally making headway against the winter and the birds were there to announce it.

The first and loudest sounds came from the crows who are of course going crazy in the blue sky as are the chickadees but then from way down under all that a tapping sound came to the surface. I followed the sound for a few minutes before spotting a large pileated woodpecker who has decided that the old tree just behind us has perfect snacks.

Of course by the time I had gone back into the house to get the camera the bird was gone but the event reminded me of the pair of pileated woodpeckers and an albino deer that I had spotted on the same day a few years ago and turned into a painting. I will have to keep watching.