Travelling at The Speed of Art

When painting on site it becomes important for me to reflect what is actually going on. While painting my favourite morning glory blooms a bee entered the scene something crazy happened and training kicked in. Before I knew it the speed of art had accelerated. When a dragon fly followed along I just carried on and added it in.

I continued along with the practice of painting on site and remained open to adding elements that could change over the time of the work. One day, while painting contrast between moving water and resting snow a small muskrat jumped from the brook and onto the snow. Again, training and practice kicked in the visit was recorded.

Mindy our dog also got in on the act and walked into a scene one day taking after the director Alfred Hitchcock who would sometimes appear in cameo appearances in his own movies. Mindy always took control and I think somehow she planned her cameo at just the right moment to appear beside the running water of the brook which was hers to enjoy.