A Breath of Spring

Snow is piled up everywhere after back to back storms that dropped a winters worth of weather all over the land. As a result viewpoints along the shore are few and far between. Days are visibly longer now as we edge towards the coming spring and our minds tend to race ahead to gardens and beaches but that could be farther off than we would hope. In the mean time studio work continues and of course I keep drawing the giant ships and machines along the harbour. 
Speaking of the garden as I glanced out the window at the giant snow drifts that define the side of the house a flock of Bohemian Waxwing birds dropped by for a snack of rose hips. They seemed jumpy and by the time I had the camera ready they had moved to the top of some maple trees on the front. Then while driving down the road a robin crossed our path. Maybe the groundhog wasn't too far off.