Six or Eight sided Snow Flakes

The snow fell all afternoon and evening the other day providing a backdrop for the paper snow flakes I had cut. The sudden blast of arctic air also froze the lake so there may be no Christmas Day water ski event this year unless we get some mild Maritime air drifting this way from the southern islands.

Cleaning up in the studio uncovered this sketch from an earlier trip in the fall. I had been drawing under the bridge and captured a view back to Halifax. 
Travelling around Dartmouth the other day I chanced a glance across a playground and noticed a huge tree standing at the far side of the park. I had my sketch bag in the car and some time to spare so I found a good spot to stop and immediately began to draw the view. The giant tree dwarfed the two homes that sat beneath it.
Earlier on the same morning, from the Halifax side of things I watched the giant tanker fill the harbour on its way up to the Bedford Basin. It was early enough to catch the sun rising over the water and the sky was filled with enough moisture to light up a rainbow. Quite the sight. I may try to scale it up once the new stretchers are ready.
I happened to talk with another snowflake designer/cutter on the phone and she told me she made hers with six sides. Six gives a different dimension and they sure look great. Maybe six sided ones would be good to try, just to add to the fun.