Make Art

The camp stove and lantern have made may trips with us and so I wanted to draw them. 
The opportunity came one morning as I sat watching the sun rise over the surrounding hills. We were enjoying a late summer camping trip along the Minas Basin at Five Islands. We were there to walk along the shore and through the woods. When we arrived we found that blueberries were everywhere, so abundant and fresh they made our trip even better. 
The stove itself has a long history of travel with me as it was purchased years ago before I travelled to Europe with the intention of seeing art. At the time there was also a requirement to create a entrance portfolio of drawings to accompany my application to school. I hadn't yet committed myself to making art and thought that following a history and seeing the real thing might help in making a decision. Maybe the decision was made before the question was asked but either way I have come to see that a journey with art makes the trip all the better.
In case you wondered, my application was successful. I began formal study and haven't looked back.