Bay of Fundy, Minus Basin, Moose Island Reboot

The mysterious air of the Bay of Fundy surprised us again. After weeks of hot dry weather the air changed and clouds brought rain to the area. Camping was the name of the game so the tents went up none the less. No phones, no TV, no internet what could be better? 

Well, I was hoping to make a few drawings and maybe a painting or two and brought all the necessary material I could pack in. So, imagine my surprise when on top of the rain in came the fog. Not just any fog but fog so thick you almost couldn't see the hand on the end of your arm. You just never know when it comes to fog so back to camping.
 Just around midnight we couldn't believe our eyes when all of a sudden the fog moved aside and revealed the night sky full to overflowing with more stars than you could ever count. First thing in the morning I walked down the hill to the edge of the bluff with a pencil and board to make a sketch of Moose Island which sits just off the shore. The air was clear and offered a clear view of Cape Split and beyond. After lunch we walked to the beach which provided a chance to draw the island again but from sea level as the tide moved out. 
The whole experience reminded me of a trip to the same spot many years ago. It was the first time in the area and I was overwhelmed then just the same as today.