Strange But True Artstory

It seemed like a normal March morning, the car was frozen and snow blew through the air. No shovelling required provides an early morning bonus and we head for the city before the sun was up. Early traffic moved smoothly and things were looking pretty good as I made my way down to the harbour to draw the ships and cranes that have interested me for the last while.

On this occasion road closures caused me to vary my path towards Point Pleasant Park so moving towards the southend of the city I turned left onto a road that would take me towards my destination. As I drove to the end of the road and stopped at a corner that I first experienced when we arrived in the city forty years ago. When I glanced to my right I noticed that the house on the corner behind the amazing garden and under a giant chestnut tree was now home to a flower shop. I couldn't believe my eyes because forty years ago it was that garden view that attracted my eye. I guess it was always going to be a flower shop. Strange but true.
You have to understand that I have always enjoyed flowers and everything about them so drawing them just fits for me.