Art Inspirations

For the last few weeks it has been a very busy time in the studio. As I mentioned before the studio is undergoing big physical changes. Because of the changes in the space painting time has been at a minimum but now as the dust is settles and the space clears I am confident it is all for the better. "Short term pain for long term gain" I think is what some would say. 
Last week while searching for a used window to fit in the new vestibule wall I talked with the woman working in the shop about my project. It turns out that she also paints and works in the furnace room.
Too funny and what a small world experience. I suggested a show of work created in furnace rooms around the city and may follow that idea when time allows.
My studio space even with the changes will still be in the furnace room but it is a very clean space and not the cobwebbed dungeon existing in some buildings.
At this time of year I do miss working outside but the late fall season and short days prohibits working that way most days now. Working from the car studio and of course taking pictures along the way continues to provide food for thought.