Beach Combing Nova Scotia

After spending a few days camping around the Bay of Fundy we returned to the city and began settling in. We enjoyed our days in sunshine and especially the time spent at Cape Chignecto Provincial Park with the magnificent cliffs of Cap d'or across the Bay.
 It is interesting to read now that this area on earth is considered the center of a once giant continent called Pangea. In Pangea all the land on earth was pushed together into one giant continent. Archeologists tell us this configuration of land and water goes back a few millions of years and long before dinosaurs. 
Five Islands,
pencil, 25.4 cm x 25.4cm

Back in the city there were many errands to run and stops to make. At one stop a cabinet of ancient pottery was on display. It was only a few days earlier that I had photographed beach stones nearby and was suprised to see artists from around the world had used colours and colour combinations that seemed to duplicate those displayed in rocks on our beaches today.