Nova Scotia Spring Picnic

Yesterday while enjoying a beautiful spring day and lunch on the top of Blomidon 
 I made a quick sketch of the area.

On this particular day the view itself is amazing. 
The sky has finally cleared after what has seemed 
like weeks of low cloud cover and fog.  
The tidal waters of the Bay of Fundy flood into
the Minas Basin to the shore of Blomidon.

Hawks and eagles soar above and song birds fill the warm air with their offerings.
Glooscap made his home and garden here and during the Seven Years War in 1755 the British military loaded Acadians onto ships and transported them to Africa and the United States from the opposite shore at Grande Pre.
While walking on our return trip we crested a hill looking 
in the opposite direction to the west over the Bay of Fundy.  

In the distance on the horizon was the silhouette of Isle Haute.
This sketch of Isle Haute was made on a different trip looking from the Town of Advocate. I knew the island was a long way off but I would not have believed that it was actually 35 miles away as a crow flies, an amazing site for sure.