Early Bird

Song birds have returned to our area after a very hard and long winter.  Ice and snow were piled up everywhere and even now sleet and freezing rain continue. 

The return of summer birds is certainly a harbinger of better weather ahead. The northern migration of birds includes robins who have always stood out as the "early bird that gets the worm." 

Worms hunted by robins help feed chicks in the nest. The nest is home for up to five eggs and is usually built fairly close to the ground. A few years ago I was lucky enough to locate a nest in a cedar tree by our path around the house and photograph them as they were laid and emerged.

One night after the chicks hatched a local house cat discovered, raided and destroyed the nest. When the mother robin attempted to rebuild the nest I removed her efforts and forced her to start over in a better location. It worked and we have enjoyed their company for many years since. This morning I noticed a robin building in exactly the same tree after all these years. The cat is long gone so it seems that it may be a good choice of site again. Now, I wonder if I should interrupt the construction before things get going.