Painting in Nova Scotia

As I noted in an earlier post some of my first experiences with art and landscape involved painting on site. I can say that my feelings for the practice have only strengthened with time and that Nova Scotia has offered many opportunities to engage this passion.

One of the beauties of Nova Scotia is size. It is a small province by comparison and as such on any given day an image could include landscape, seascape, people or architecture. It could even include any or all of the above.

Subject matter is readily accessible if you use things you know and 
we are lucky enough to have a rich environment surrounded by beaches and rocky shores that provide stimulating subject matter close at hand.

Once you get outside the work really gets started.

It all looks so easy when it's done and the creation formula, 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration, is behind you. Which opens the door to enjoy the day and make another painting.